The scope of the project is to create, maintain and expand the cybersecurity capabilities of the Romanian National Computer Security Incidents Response Team (CERT-RO), as well as the cybersecurity services it provides at the national level. The action will allow CERT-RO to reach a state of preparedness that will allow the participation on an equal footing in the European Union (EU) cooperation mechanisms and the cybersecurity core service platform established through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom Work Programme 2015 (C(2015) 7381).

Specifically, through this project CERT-RO will:

  1. Expand the range of cybersecurity services it provides and of the national capacities to run a range of cybersecurity services, building on their interoperability with the EU cooperation mechanisms;
  2. Ensure the interconnection of CERT-RO and other national cybersecurity capabilities and services with the EU cooperation mechanisms and core service platform, facilitating an efficient information sharing and incident management at the national and European level;
  3. Contribute to European-wide cybersecurity cooperation with a special emphasis on the cooperation between CERT-RO with other national or governmental Computer Emergency Response Centres (CERT), Compuler Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in Europe and in connection with the Core Service Platform and cooperation mechanisms;
  4. Deploy operation services that are sustainable and maintained over time, enabling new usages, capabilities and usability of cybersecurity tools, processes and services;
  5. Ensure that CERT-RO is compliant with the requirements set out by the EU Directive 2016/1148 (“NIS Directive”);
  6. Build awareness regarding technical and organizational requirements for achieving a good level of cybersecurity and increase cybersecurity knowledge and abilities for IT specialists and managers in the public administration.




The National Cybersecurity Services Platform (NCSP)

National Call Center for Cyber Security(NC3)

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CERT-RO has organized the final conference of the
project “Enhanced National Cyber Security Services and Capabilities for Interoperability – eCSI”

CERT-RO organized at Cluj-Napoca the second workshop
in the eCSI project

eCSI intermediary conference

CERT-RO finalizes cyber security training sessions organized within the eCSI project

Press release: CERT-RO organizes the first eCSI workshop

CERT-RO has launched the eCSI project, “Enhanced National Cyber Security Services and Capabilities for Interoperability – eCSI”

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