National Call Center for Cyber Security(NC3)

This activity will enhance CERT-RO’s communication infrastructure by adding a call centre component (i.e. the National Cyber Call Centre – NC3) which will be used for processing cybersecurity notifications made by phone call.

The NC3 will ensure a 24/7 availability. The call centre will be available to all citizens, public and private organizations in Romania to report cyber security incidents. The service will be provided free of charges for the users (call charges may be applied by telephone operators).

By establishing the NC3, CERT-RO will meet the requirements imposed to national CSIRTs by the N1S Directive, namely: set-up of several means for being contacted and for contacting others (individuals, private and public institutions in the CERT-RO constituency and other entities that CERT-RO cooperates with, including authorities) at all times; high level of availability of communications services, adequately staffed to ensure availability at all times; monitoring incidents at a national level. In order to operate the call centre, staff with a medium IT and information security background and expertise will be recruited and trained.

The NC3 staff will consist of operators hired to this purpose that will work in shifts in order to assure 24/7 availability of the service.

NC3 is operational and available at:  031/62 02 180