Training sessions in the eCSI project

Between 18-21 and 25-28 March 2019, CERT-RO organizes two cyber security training sessions dedicated to the management staff from public institutions. The training takes place under the “Enhanced National Cyber Security Services and Capabilities for Interoperability (eCSI)” project.

The training aims to increase the awareness and ensure a minimal cyber security level in public institutions. The selected curricula allows the participation of both decision-makers in organizational departments that can play a role in ensuring security (eg human, legal, economic, procurement, etc.) as well as specialized staff.

The courses consist of both theoretical and practical exercises, activities combining perspectives such as managerial, organizational, institutional, legal, and providing an overview on cyber security activities.

The eCSI project, co-funded 75% through the CEF Telecom Program, aims to extend CERT-RO’s cyber security capabilities and services that the institution provides at national level. The implementation period of the project is 2 years (1 September 2017 – 30 August 2019).